This is a pre-recorded course that you listen to at your leisure once a week for 4 weeks. Each weekly video is approx. 30 mins.


Week 1: Overview of the Power of Breath & Mindset for Success

●    Sharing my perspective (and a bit of the science) on how to utilize the power of Breath & Mindfulness in Small Moments.
●    Questions/Prompts for you to set your goals for the 4 weeks.
●    Special meditation session and Breath tools to help you go inward and think about your goals/dreams/priorities, your purpose, passion.

Week 2:  Deciding On Your Goals & Committing to Bringing Them to Life

●    Reviewing your goals and committing to making them your new reality.
●    Special meditation to empower you to “Breathe & Believe.”
●    Reviewing 3 Breath tools to keep you optimistic and empowered.
●    Prompts for this week’s steps for momentum.

Week 3: Moving From Thoughts to Action

●    Often, it’s the first steps that are the most difficult. Not anymore! Now, they’re the most exciting.
●    Tapping into your inner strength, confidence and empowering optimism with breath & mindfulness exercises.
●    Learning to accept uncertainty, remove obstacles and appreciate the challenges with a new mindset for creating solutions.
●    Prompts for this week’s steps for momentum to keep checking steps off your goals/dreams list.

Week 4: Student Becomes the Master of Mindset

●    Creating a plan for continuing to reach your goals.
●    Customizing a daily practice that’s accessible in small moments.
●    Understanding how to recalibrate your mindset at any moment to stay in the “C.E.’Om” mindset more often than not.
●    Review Breath & Mindset tools for empowerment, relaxation, confidence, creativity and productivity.

BREATHE Your Goals to Life: A Transformative 4 Week Online Course