Coming Soon: Global Wellness Summit 2021
The Good V.I.B.E.S (Virtues Inspired Breathe Experience at Summit)  BREATHE Lounge
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Join us for daily empowering BREATHWORK sessions during Global Wellness Summit!


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Kicking off Mental Health Awareness Month in Partnership with Athleta
Located at The Point Outdoor Shopping/Dining in
El Segundo, CA
May 1-7, 2021 
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 Come BREATHE the Rainbow of Good Energy! 

The Concept: We've all been sort of holding our breath for the past year; full of uncertainty, anxiety and stress. It's time to EXHALE! Relaxation comes on the exhales. Mindful BREATH reconnects you back to YOU! Each letter stands 5 feet tall and 3.5 feet across. 

The letters serve as a BIG reminder for people to pause for a moment and BREATHE mindfully. The colors correspond to the 7 energy centers in the body and they each have different energy inspired words on them. There are no rules for experiencing the art; the hope is that people will resonate with one specific energy that they want to embody at that moment and they'll pause to BREATHE into that energy & feel good! You'll see the simplicity and power of BREATH. Breath transforms energy-- in small moments. It's a superpower that we all have available to us 24/7/365. It's a free, fast & effective tool for health & mental fitness. It's neuroscience, it works! 

         Let's BreathE BETTER Together!

            There's a CONCEPT behind the art...

      but no rules about how to experience it!


3 Deep BREAThs ARE meditation at the speed of life!

Don't underestimate the power of BREATH to help you ease stress and anxiety in small moments. Start with just 3 deep breaths and watch how it taps into your parasympathetic nervous system--known as the "rest & digest" system. Begin your breaths from your belly (not your chest or shoulders), always inhaling through your nose. Exhale through  your nose or mouth, whichever feels like the best release. Repeat often & feel more relaxed! 

When You Need to Relax, Breathe Like This: 

How you breathe directly affects your mood, mindset and energy. When you’re feeling stressed/anxious, use this 4/6 Breath to tap into your parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous system. It’s science! Just breathe like this for even just one minute and feel your body listening and reacting to the direction you’re giving it through mindful breath.