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If you're only breathing mindfully when you're in a yoga  or meditation class setting, you're leaving a lot on the table in terms of feeling your best. Breath is the love language of the nervous system. You can use it anywhere, anytime for in the moment empowerment; to calm, balance or boost your mindset & energy. Mindful/Strategic breath can override your nervous system in less than 60 seconds! Breath and positive mindset bring you into the present moment to reconnect to YOU and work from a place of clarity and intention. Manage your thoughts and energy throughout the day, no need to wait for your a chunk of time. Doing business at the pace of technology isn't sustainable. Breath & Positive Mindset are the antidote and they can be accessed quickly and efficiently with simple practice. No more working on autopilot. Take charge mindfully (like a C.E.Om) and watch how when your breath is mindful and abundant  and your mindset is positive success becomes effortless.

**All Corporate "Breathe to Succeed" experiences are bespoke, please email to discuss customized options for your teams. (1 Session, a series of experiences,, off-site retreats and 1:1 Coaching are all options--both live and virtual)

May 2019 Testimonial from Corporate Workshops at WW (Formerly Weight Watchers) : "Sandy enlightened our team about the transformative power of mindful breathing and gave us simple ways to integrate breathing exercises into our workplace. From a Lion's Breath after a stressful meeting to a Bumble Bee breath to compartmentalize the day, we all walked away with practical techniques to help increase our creativity and improve our decision making. Sandy's approach is accessible, eye-opening and inspirational." - Mindy Grossman, CEO WW 

Sept. 2019 Challenger Summit: "Attendees loved kicking off our event with the reminder that in order to succeed, they need to breathe. Sandy brought everyone’s attention to the day at hand and taught our guests how to use breathwork to stay present, focused, and energized throughout the day." - Lauren Driscoll Events Manager Wpromote

All workshops and coaching sessions (virtual and in-person options are available) are customizable depending on you/your company's goals. Let's create what's best for your current goals/needs. Let's Create Something Impactful for Your Team--show them you prioritize THEIR WELL-BEING. Email:

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