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Take Charge...Mindfully

BREATHE Your Goals to Life Course: A transformative 4 Week Online Course

Begin TODAY! Once you sign up, we'll send you the first video and then on that same weekday for the following 3 weeks. 


Sandy Abrams Longtime Entrepreneur and Author of "Breathe to Success"

 Breathe Your Goals to Life
4 week online program will help you organize your mindset and goals for
business, wellness, creativity, optimism & productivity.
No breath/mindfulness/meditation experience needed.
I’ll share how I’ve utilized the power of Breath & Mindset for 30 yrs.
to reach my entrepreneurial goals...mindfully.

Start to BREATHE Your Goals to Life TODAY!


What Does This Workshop Look Like?

Each of the 4 Weekly Videos is 30 mins.

Week 1: Overview of the Power of Breath & Mindset for Success

●    Sharing my perspective (and a bit of the science) on how to utilize the power of Breath & Mindfulness in Small Moments.
●    Questions/Prompts for you to set your goal(s) for the week.
●    Special meditation session and Breath tools to help you go inward and think about your goals/dreams/priorities, your purpose, passion.


Week 2:  Deciding On Your Goals & Committing to Bringing Them to Life

●    Reviewing your goals and committing to making them your new reality.
●    Special meditation to empower you to “Breathe & Believe.”
●    Reviewing 3 Breath tools to keep you optimistic and empowered.
●    Prompts for this week’s steps for more momentum.


Week 3: Moving From Thoughts to Action

●    Often, it’s the first steps that are the most difficult. Not anymore! Now, they’re the most exciting.
●    Tapping into your inner strength, confidence and empowering optimism with breath & mindfulness exercises.
●    Learning to accept uncertainty, remove obstacles and appreciate the challenges with a new mindset for creating solutions.
●    Prompts for this week’s steps for momentum to keep checking steps off your goals/dreams list.


Week 4: Student Becomes the Master of Mindset

●    Creating a plan for continuing to reach your goals.
●    Customizing a daily practice that’s accessible in small moments.
●    Understanding how to recalibrate your mindset at any moment to stay in the “C.E.’Om” mindset more often than not.
●    Review Breath & Mindset tools for empowerment, relaxation, confidence, creativity and productivity.


Get Started Today!


About Sandy Abrams:

Sandy Abrams is a self taught entrepreneur who (much to her surprise) turned a product idea into a multi-million dollar business (launched in 1993), Moisture Jamzz. Without any business background, Sandy had the passion and persistence to roll up her sleeves and learn on the fly. After years of sweat equity building her business, she turned her naivete into success. Her signature products, Moisture Jamzz, Moisture Gloves and Socks quickly became a top-selling accessory in the beauty/spa industry. They were sold in stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Linens'NThings, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and QVC. Also, private labeled for some of the biggest names in beauty: Estee Lauder, Bath & Body Works, H2O PLUS, Crabtree & Evelyn and Bare Escentuals.

After years of helping people turn their ideas into reality, Sandy published her first book titled, "Your Idea, Inc." (Adams Media 2010)  and put her inspirational, motivational advice and anecdotes into this entrepreneurial guide book. Now in “Breathe to Succeed,” (2019) Abrams shares her simple yet powerful Breath & Mindfulness tools that fueled her entrepreneurial journey over the past 30 years; making her what she calls a "C.E.' to juggle the chaos of entrepreneurial life thanks to the power of mindful breath & positive, strategic thoughts. Sandy is on a mission to empower people to create their optimal energy for success & deep, mindful breath at a time!  
Being a C.E.'Om is a mindset that will empower you, too! It's about taking charge mindfully in whatever you do. Abrams began practicing yoga in 1989 and completed teacher training in 1995. She credits her success to the daily practice of taking yoga off the mat and into business; giving her the much needed confidence, persistence and tenacity needed in the business sector. Her Breath & Mindset techniques are for "in the moment" empowerment. No need to master the art of stillness or reserve chunks of time. Her tried and true advice fits right into your busy day; enhancing your thoughts, energy, creativity and clarity that lead to better decisions, more meaningful business relationships, optimal energy, success and wellbeing.

She has consulted as a small business thought leader, speaker and writer with brands like Capital One, LegalZoom, Sage software and Marriott. Abrams has recently shared "Breathe to Succeed" experiences at Google offices, Facebook HQ, Universal Music (LA & NYC), WW (formerly Weight Watchers) HQ, Women Presidents Org., Sage software, McKinsey & Co., and many business & wellness conferences. She was slated to speak at SXSW 2020.


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