I'm on a mission to help you get to know the power of your BREATH to create your best mindset & energy in small moments throughout the day.  


Don't underestimate the power of BREATH for wellbeing & success! It's a superpower that's always accessible--to EVERYONE.

Breathe your goals to life!

Science has validated the power of breathing and mindfulness to enhance our well-being. Sandy Abrams's advice is a simple but incredibly effective way to make mindfulness a part of your life and help you thrive in our always-on world."  Arianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive Global

BREATH is meditation at the speed of life!


No need to master the art of stillness or reserve chunks of time.

My unique perspective on breath comes from being a fast paced entrepreneur. I have a business sensibility about breath that makes it accessible for even the busiest schedule. Mindful, strategic breath is a superpower that we all have. I'll  help you tap into the power of your breath to create your best mindset & energy--in moments when you need it most. Don't wait for a workout class or an app to shift your mood--you've got everything you need within to relieve stress, calm & empower yourself. 

I work with a variety of groups and create unique & bespoke breath/mindfulness experiences from one session to a certain length of time to help you reach goals. Corporate brands, entrepreneurs, parents, leadership/wellness retreats, conferences, team building, 1:1 Coaching. How can I help you?

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Mindful Moment w/ Oprah 2018

Google Talk Highlights 2019


BREATHE Art Installation in Collaboration with Athleta brand to Kick off Mental Health Awareness Month May 2021

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"Breathe to Succeed"  


May 2019

Endorsed by Arianna Huffington & 
executives from Google, SAP, U.S. Air Force


From Arianna Huffington, Mark Bertolini, executives from Google, SAP, Sage software & U.S. Air Force. 

“Breathe to Succeed is an excellent prescription for any aspiring or current leader.  Sandy Abrams’ new book offers valuable insights into addressing the hectic schedule and constant stress of everyone from an employee to the CEO.  By understanding the causes and effects of stress on the human body, Sandy offers tools of the mind and breath to find your way through the storm and achieve optimal health.”

- Mark T. Bertolini, former Chairman & CEO at Aetna


Sandy Abrams is a self taught entrepreneur who (much to her surprise) turned a product idea into a multi-million dollar business (launched in 1993), Moisture Jamzz. A self-taught entrepreneur without a business background, Sandy had the passion and persistence to roll up her sleeves and learn on the fly. After years of sweat equity building her business, she turned her naivite into success, experience and savvy. Her signature products, Moisture Jamzz Moisture Gloves and Socks quickly became a top-selling accessory in the beauty/spa industry. They were sold in stores such as Bed, Bath & Beyond, Linens'NThings, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom and QVC. Also, private labeled for some of the biggest names in beauty: Estee Lauder, Bath & Body Works, H2O PLUS, Crabtree & Evelyn and Bare Escentuals.

After years of helping people turn their ideas into reality, Sandy published her first book titled, "Your Idea, Inc." (Adams Media 2010)  and put her inspirational, motivational advice and anecdotes into this entrepreneurial guide book. Now in “Breathe to Succeed,” (Publishing May 1, 2019) Abrams shares her simple yet powerful Breath & Mindfulness tools that fueled her entrepreneurial journey over the past 25 years; making her what she calls a "C.E.'Om...able to juggle the chaos of entrepreneurial life thanks to the power of mindful breath & positive, strategic thoughts.


Being a C.E.'Om is a mindset that will empower you, too! It's about taking charge mindfully in whatever you do. Abrams began practicing yoga in 1989 and completed teacher training in 1995 and still practices today. She credits her success to the daily practice of taking yoga off the mat and into business; giving her the much needed confidence, persistence and tenacity needed in business. Her Breath & Mindset techniques are for "in the moment" empowerment. No need to master the art of stillness or reserve chunks of time. Her tried and true advice fits right into your busy day; enhancing your thoughts, energy, creativity and clarity that lead to better decisions, more meaningful business relationships, optimal energy, success and wellbeing. 

Abrams also writes about the journeys of other entrepreneurs and shares small business insights and workplace wellness advice as a contributor on HuffPost and Thrive Global. She has consulted as a small business thought leader, speaker and writer with brands like Capital One, LegalZoom, Sage software and Marriott.


Abrams currently leads"Breathe to Succeed" and "Beverages & Breath"Workshops, 1:1 customized Breath & Mindset training for entrepreneurs, leaders, employees and executives. 


Abrams volunteers with the national non-profit organization NFTE (Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship) and lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Take your success, happiness and wellness to the next level with simple  & powerful


Immediately actionable & empowering! 

1:1 Virtual Coaching or In Person Options

Women's  Groups

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Entrepreneurial Groups

Show your teams you care about their wellness with  bespoke "Breathe to Succeed!" Workshops, PopUp and/or Content developed specifically for you. Empowering Workshops, 1:1 Customized Breath & Mindset Training, Content that Amplifies Your Company's Culture & Goals

Options: 1 hour workshops, 1-2 Day PopUps, 1:1 Customized Training Sessions

Ease yourself into building an Empowering Breath & Mindset Practice with this 5 Day email intro.  Tap into your highest energy, positive mindset, enhanced clarity, creativity and next level productivity & success!
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"When you own your breath,
nobody can steal your peace."

- Anonymous

Hello there!

I see you over there, working on autopilot. Let's change that! How you think and feel is a choice; one that you may not even be aware that you're making throughout the day. Working at the pace of technology is not sustainable. It often has you in default autopilot mode. Breath & Mindfulness will empower you to take control of your thoughts and energy and be more aware of your mindset and perspective. The quality of your breath is the quality of your work. Enhance your breath & mindfulness and improve your energy, clarity, presence, creativity, communication and leadership. Breathe mindfully and begin to feel like your best self all day long. My tools are easy, fast, effective and customizable. They'll meet you wherever you (or your teams) are in regard to breath & mindfulness. No need to master the art of stillness or reserve chunks of time. Make changes in the moment, when it's most needed. Reach out for info. on Corporate workshops, PopUps, 1:1 Customized Breath & Mindfulness training/updates and Corporate customization options for the book, "Breathe to Succeed." 

Reach out if you'd like to see how I can help you and/or your company "Breathe to Succeed!" email: sandy@theceom.com

What is a C.E.Om. ?

C.E.'Om is a mindset. It's about taking charge  & doing business mindfully, on purpose with purpose. It's a yoga inspired take charge philosophy. You can breathe your way into being a C.E.'Om and begin working from a place of empowered & positive momentum. 


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