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1:1 Customized Breath Practices. 45 mins. You'll learn a variety of Breath & Mindset tools/practices to tap into the power of your BREATH to create the mindset & energy you want to feel right NOW. Benefits of Small Moments of Strategic BREATH:

*Clear Cognition

*Better Sleep

*Improved Mood & Energy

*Reduced Stress/Anxiety (You can't build health in a body that's chronically stressed)

*Feel Calm yet Empowered; Patient and At Ease

*Reach your goals faster with action that comes with clear intentions

*Improve detoxification & digestion

*Feel like your BEST SELF more often than not!


How you breathe is how you are...the way you breathe directly and immediately affects how you feel and the way you experience life. The great news--you have the power to OVERRIDE your nervous system and change the way you feel--quickly! It's neuroscience & it always delivers.


We'll analyze your current BREATH habits/patterns & I'll share 3-4 tools that will help you create the mindset & energy you need at this time. No breath or meditation experience required--just a desire to go inward and get to know the power of your breath. All ages from teens up are welcome! Family sessions are available as well.


Once you purchase your session, we'll email you scheduling options. Session can be as soon as 24-48 hours.Questions? Please email:



1:1 ( Zoom/Online) BREATH Makeover: Customized Breath Practice to Feel Your Best

$300.00 Regular Price
$145.00Sale Price
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