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Give the gift of BREATH! This guided audio BREATH session is for SLEEPING WELL--who doesn't need some more of that?! Sleep is a key pillar for overall WELL-BEING and a simple BREATH practice like this will help you get to sleep easier, stay asleep longer or get back to sleep faster. The calming Breath tools communicate with your (busy) mind/brain and nervous system sending a message to calm and relax. A few minutes of BREATH to let  go of the day and reflect on what you want tomorrow allow you to free your mind and ease into a nourishing night of sleep! Rest assured (pun intended!) that this BREATH practice will become second nature and your sleep with improve quickly!

Breathe Well, SLEEP Well Guided Audio BREATH Session

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • A customized email will be sent to your recipitent wihtin 24-72 hours. Thank you!

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