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Give the gift of BREATH!  This guided audio session  is for MORNING EMPOWERMENT. As they say, "When you win the morning, you win the day! " It's game-changing to start the day connected to YOU; your intentions/priorities/goals instead of letting your devices dictate how you feel. When  you begin to set this habit of mindful BREATH as soon as you wake up, you'll begin to see how much better your day flows because you're mindful of how you want to think, feel...BE! This is a gift that keeps on giving because the recipient will learn the skill of mindful breath for creating their best mindset & energy EVERY morning! It's neuroscience--it always delivers! 


$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • We will send a personalized email with a YouTube link to your recipient within 48-72 hours. Thank you!

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