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Give the gift of BREATH! This guided BREATH audio is for RELAXING--who doesn't need some more of that?! The way you BREATHE directly effects how you FEEL. When you continuously breath in autopilot, default, rapid, shallow chest breath--you're likely living in a low grade state of chronic stress. The great news is that you can interrupt and override a stressed or anxious nervous system by breathing in mindful & strategic ways that signal your nervous system to feel more calm & RELAX--quickly. It's neuroscience, it always delivers! Once you practice these RELAXATION breath tools, you can take them with you on-the-go to feel more calm and relaxed in your everyday life because they can be done anywhere, any time and have both immediate and long term benefits. 

RELAX Guided Audio BREATH Session

$15.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price
  • A customized email will be sent to your recipitent wihtin 24-72 hours. Thank you!

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